What we need to know in order to give you the best possible estimate for your job.

Providing as much information and as much detail as possible will ensure you get the most accurate quote.


Things like the condition, areas of concern, the last time a cleaning service was performed and property type are all essential details.


Other more specific details for each job are listed below.

Carpet Cleaning

How many square meters of carpet do you have?

Are there any stains that have occurred since you have lived at the property?

Do you have pets?

Do you live in an apartment complex and if so what level and is there an elevator?

Is there parking close by?


Window Cleaning

How many windows?

What sizes are the windows?

How many levels is the property?

Are there any hard to access windows?

General condition of the windows.

Any fly screens?

Is there anything stuck to the window such as paint, bird waste, plaster etc?

Remember, we estimate the job based on YOUR information. So be as descriptive as you can to avoid additional charges on the day.

It is always our preference to attend your property for the most accurate quote.

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