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Terms and Conditions

1. General Cleaning Disclaimer

JPT Services does not take responsibility for appliances, fixtures and/or fittings that have been poorly maintained or damaged; or sections of your premises that have been poorly maintained or damaged prior to your service. However, every attempt will be made to refresh these areas. Poorly maintained or damaged areas are (but not limited to):

  • Ovens, range hoods and exhaust fans that have been used regularly and never cleaned or cleaned rarely.

  • Grooved in scratches on walls.

  • Discoloured / unsealed silicon or grout in the bathroom or other wet areas.

  • Rusted appliances or fixtures

  • Graffiti

  • Intentional or avoidable damage or staining

  • Established mould

2. Carpet Cleaning Disclaimer

JPT Services will attempt to remove all stains in carpet and upholstery. There are several factors that need to be considered and therefore stain removal cannot be guaranteed.

What you should tell us prior to your service:

  • if you have pets or have previously had pets at the property

  • any stains that require attention and their origin (if known)

  • if the carpet requires special care (please contact the manufacturer or retailer if you are unsure)

3. Window Cleaning

  • Any household items obstructing access to windows must be relocated prior to service. This includes (but is not limited to):

     -indoor/outdoor furniture 

     -pot plants or BBQ’s kept in front of window areas

     -any other items that may obstruct free movement in front of the windows that are to be serviced.

JPT Services reserve the right to reschedule your service due to poor weather or extreme heat as both may pose a safety risk.

4. End of Lease Cleaning

JPT Services guarantee that we will clean your property to the standard required to pass cleaning element of the inspection. provided that:

  • You have vacated the property.

  • All items belonging to you or items present during your stay at the property have been removed or stored in the garage, external area or other discrete areas of the property prior to the commencement of your service.

  • No one will be entering the property for any other reason other than for inspection purposes during or after your service is complete.

  • The property meets the "Property Minimum Requirements" points 1, 2, 3 and 6 (see below)

  • Your invoice has been paid in full.

The guarantee does not cover:

  • Any damage (deep scuffing, plaster damage, paint chipping etc)

  • Poorly maintained or neglected areas of the property (including rust, mould and built up grease)

  • The exterior of the property (including the garage)

  • Areas we have not been advised to clean or have been excluded by the tenant, owner or agent.

  • Agents, landlords or tenants acting outside their legal obligations

If JPT Services has not cleaned the property to the required standard, we will return to rectify any issues provided that:

  • The issue is not excluded by the above terms.

  • The agent/landlord have specified in writing that your bond will not be returned because of the cleanliness of the property.

  • The agent/landlord are lawful in their request.

  • The email from the agent/landlord must be forwarded to JPT Services.

  • Specific details of what is required must be given. Simply stating "not clean" will not suffice.

Stickers, decals, tape and reusable putty (Blu Tack).

  • JPT Services does not take responsibility for the removal of stickers, decals, tape, reusable putty or any other adhesive used at the property to secure items. These must be removed by the tenant.

  • If JPT Services is engaged to remove these, we are not liable for any damage done to surfaces in the process. 

5. Safety

During our visit, it is important that JPT Services staff and contractors are entering into a safe work environment. We do everything possible to make sure our practices are safe. However, there are certain safety aspects that are the responsibility of the customer and we ask that you comply with the following:

  • All pets must be secured for the duration of our visit.

  • all persons not involved with the organisation and activity of the requested works remain clear of the work area

  • we are made aware of any safety hazards or maintenance issues with the property prior to our service

  • we are notified of any other work that will be carried out while we are on site

  • action or notify us of anything else that may cause a safety risk

Failing to comply with safety advice may result in additional charges, rescheduling or termination of service. 

If we find a hazard during our visit, that particular area will not be serviced until such time as the hazard no longer exists (eg. cracked window / glass, loose electrical fixture).

If we are visiting your home or business for quoting all pets must be secured for the duration of our visit.

6. Quotes, Estimates and additional fees


  • A quote is an agreed upon price to provide services. However, there may be some circumstances in which it may be necessary to alter the quoted amount. (see Quotes Additional Fees)


JPT Services will make every attempt to give an accurate estimate of the cost of a job over the phone, via email or in person. Please note the following: 

  • Phone and email estimates are based solely on the information provided by the customer, so it is in the customer’s best interest to be as descriptive as possible in order to get a more accurate estimate.

  • An estimate is not an agreed upon price for services.

  • JPT Services reserves the right to increase or decrease the estimated price.

Quotes Additional Fees

On occasion JPT Services may find it necessary to increase the quoted amount due to unforeseen circumstances. Unforeseen circumstances include (but are not limited to):

  • not being able to park within a reasonable distance from your property or service area which will add time to your service

  • incurring a parking fee if parking is not provided (excluding infringement notices)

  • the condition of the area to be serviced has noticeably altered since the estimate/quote was issued

  • the information provided by the customer at the time of quoting was inaccurate or misleading

  • access to the property is delayed

  • obstructed or delayed by other work taking place at the property

  • requested to return at a later time/day to complete the work

  • minimum requirements reduced during service (see "Property Minimum Requirements")

  • any other circumstances where our work is delayed or extended (excluding weather and the attendance of emergency services)

7. Property / Job Site Minimum Requirements

Premises Must Have:

  • Hot and cold, running and clean water – Hot and cold, running and clean water is essential for any effective cleaning job.

  • Electricity – If the electricity has been turned off, please arrange for the power to be connected prior to our arrival.

  • Lighting – We require sufficient lighting in order to achieve the best results and above all for the safety of our workers.

  • Parking – If parking is not provided on-site, any parking fees incurred by JPT Services will be passed on to the customer. This does not include parking infringement notices.

  • Toilet facilities – Staff must be able to access toilet facilities within the property or within close proximity of the property they are servicing for the duration of the service.

  • A Safe Workplace – If at any time JPT Services staff or contractors feel their health and/or safety is at risk, they reserve the right to vacate the premises immediately. JPT Services will notify the customer if this occurs.

8. Minimum Service Charge

a minimum service charge of $175 plus gst will apply to all casual services.

9. Cancellation of Service

  • Where ever possible, JPT Services does not charge cancellation fees provided sufficient notice is given.

  • If a reasonable amount of notice is not given, JPT Services may recover costs within reason.

  • If we attend to service your property and are cancelled on-site a minimum charge will apply. This is currently set at 100% of your total invoice for that service.

  • JPT Services reserves the right to cancel or reschedule your service due to unforeseen circumstances.

10. Payment Terms

  • All regular invoiced accounts are due within 14 days of the invoice date.

  • All other invoices are due by the due date shown on the invoice.

  • Payments can be made via EFT, Cash or Credit Card. Pay careful attention to the payment advice on your invoice for specific details.

  • Commercial customers will be invoiced or can pay by cash or credit card on the day and an invoice/receipt will be forwarded to them. All invoices must be settled by the due date specified on the invoice.

  • Domestic customers must pay on the day of service and an invoice will be forwarded via email.

  • All End of Lease / Move out Cleaning Customers must pay prior to service.

11. GST

10% GST will be applied and itemised on all accounts

12. Credit Card Fees

  • If credit card fees are applicable, we will advise you prior to payment being accepted.

  • At the time of writing, our credit card payment services attracted a card processing fee.

13. Late Payments / Fees 

  • Funds must be received on or before the due date shown on your invoice.

  • Late payment fees will apply to overdue accounts.

  • If you anticipate funds taking extra time to clear through your bank, or need more time to pay your account, please contact us prior to the due date to discuss an alternative.

  • Late payment fees apply to all customers.

  • A 27% p.a (0.5178% per week) interest rate will be applied to your total overdue amount until it is settled. This is calculated daily and applied to your invoice periodically.


If your overdue amount is $1000 your interest charge at the end of the first week will be $5.18.

14. Keys and Alarm Codes
Keys and/or alarm codes to your premises issued to JPT Services will be kept secure at all times when not in use and kept on the person when at your premises. Information relating to keys and alarm codes is only supplied to employees or contractors accessing the property for the purpose of the service you have requested.

15. Complaints, Compliments and Enquiries
All complaints will be investigated and attempted to be resolved to the best of our ability and within a reasonable time frame. All other correspondence will replied to in a timely manner.

16. Insurance and Compliance

  • JPT Services if fully insured. This includes public liability, products liability and cover for faulty workmanship. Customers may view the certificate of currency on request.

  • JPT Services complies with all state and federal legislation relating to the operation or the business.

17. Business Details

Business name: JPT Services Pty Ltd

Director:  Jason Thurley

Trading Address(s): 9/11 Ferguson Street Williamstown VIC 3016 and 18/4 Blackshaws Road Newport VIC 3015

ACN: 661 771 035

18. Privacy
JPT Services does not use customer information for any other purpose other than to record details for business purposes.
Customer information will not be shared with any agencies or persons that are not directly associated with day to day operations of JPT Services.
Your details may be released to the Australian Taxation Office if at any time JPT Services should be audited or for taxation purposes. If an audit occurs you may be contacted by the ATO.

19. Changes to Terms and Conditions
Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. However, we will make every effort to notify you in advance of any changes that affect your arrangement with us as a regular customer.

4. End Of Lease Cleaning
5. Safety
3. Window Cleaning
2. Carpet Cleaning Disclaimer
1. General Cleaning Disclaimer
12. Credit Card Fees
13. Late Payment Fees
6. Quotes, Estimates and additional fees
11. GST
7. Property / Job Site Minimum Requirements
8. Minimum Service Charge
14. Keys and Alarm Codes
9. Cancellation of Service
10. Payment
16. Insurance and Compliance
17. Business Details
15. Complaints, Compliments and Enquiries
18. Privacy
19. Changes to Terms and Conditions
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